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Coventry University and  The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Centre for By-products Utilization
Second International Conference on  Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies
June 28 - June 30, 2010,   Universitŕ Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy.     
Main proceedings
Printed volume Page No. PaperNo. Authors Title Link to full text
Main vol 1   -1   Cover showing ISBN cover.pdf
Main vol 1   0   Introduction and table of contents Volume 1 thru 3_toc pgs.pdf
Main vol 1 1 1 P. Kumar Mehta Sustainable Cements and Concrete for the Climate Change Era – A Review l1.pdf
Main vol 1 11 2 Surendra P. Shah and Nathan Tregger Improving Fly Ash Cementitious Materials for Sustainable Construction through Nanotechnology l2.pdf
Main vol 1 23 3 Varenyam Achal, Abhijit Mukherjee, and M. Sudhakara Reddy Microbial Concrete: A way to Enhance the Durability of Building Structures l3.pdf
Main vol 1 29 4 Henry Cardenas, Kunal Kupwade-Patil   and Sven Eklund Corrosion Mitigation in Mature Reinforced Concrete using Nanoscale Pozzolan Deposition l4.pdf
Main vol 1 41 5 Anjan K. Chatterjee The Indian Fly Ashes, Their Characteristics, and Potential for Mechano-Chemical Activation for Enhanced Usability l5.pdf
Main vol 1 53 6 Ryo Fujita, Takashi Horiguchi and Teppei Kudo Applicability of CLSM with incinerated sewage sludge ash and crushed-stone powder l6.pdf
Main vol 1 67 7 I. Kourti, D. Amutha Rani, A.R. Boccaccini, C.R. Cheeseman Geopolymers from DC plasma treated APC residues, metakaolin and GGBFS l7.pdf
Main vol 1 77 8 Vito Alunno Rossetti, Luca Di Palma, Antonella Ferraro Production and characterization of aggregate from non metallic Automotive Shredder Residues l8.pdf
Main vol 1 85 9 Valeria Corinaldesi, Gabriele Fava, Maria Letizia Ruello Paper Mill Sludge Ash as Supplementary Cementitious Material l9.pdf
Main vol 1 95 10 Akira Shigematsu , Ryoichi Sato, Tatsuya Nukushina, Mamoru Kimura Improvement of Properties of B-Type Blast Furnace Slag Cement Concrete by Internal Curing l10.pdf
Main vol 1 105 11 Issam Takla, Nicolas Burlion, Jian-Fu Shao, Jérémie Saint-Marc, André Garnier Effects of the storage of CO2 on multiaxial mechanical and hydraulic behaviours of an oilwell cement  l11.pdf
Main vol 1 117 12  John Zachar More Sustainable and Economical Precast and Prestressed Concrete Using Fly Ash as a Cement Replacement l12.pdf
Main vol 1 125 13 Javad Torkaman Improvement of Bondability in Rice Husk Particleboard Made With Sodium Silicate l13.pdf
Main vol 1 133 14 M.H. Majedi  The application of construction debris in gypsum blocks l14.pdf
Main vol 1 139 15 T. Bilir,  İ. Yüksel, İ.B. Topçu Effects of the Replacement of Industrial By-Products as Fine Aggregate in Concrete on Chloride Penetration l15.pdf
Main vol 1 151 16 Mark Singleton, John Hutchinson Development of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites in Building Construction l16.pdf
Main vol 1 163 17 Mohammed Sonebi Rheology of Grouts Containing Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag and Viscosity Enhancing Admixture l17.pdf
Main vol 1 175 18 Ma Xinwei,Han Zhaoxiang,Li Xueying Reactivity of Dehydrated Cement Paste from Waste Concrete Subjected to Heat Treatment l18.pdf
Main vol 1 181 19 Miguel P. Stehling,  Abdias M. Gomes    CO2 Emissions from Brazilian Cement l19.pdf
Manufacturing Industry
Main vol 1 189 20 R. Chaid, R. Jauberthie, F. Rendell, A. Talah Chemical strength of the HPC cured in sulphate environment l20.pdf
Main vol 1 201 21 Ali Sadrmomtazi, Farzad Kheirkhah, Ali Fasihi, Akbar K. Haghi Properties of Rice Husk Ash Concrete Containing Nano-SiO2  l21.pdf
Main vol 1 209 22 Ali Sadrmomtazi and Ali Fasihi Preliminary Study on the Mechanical Behavior of Mortar Containing Waste Polypropylene Fiber and Nano-SiO2 l22.pdf
Main vol 1 237 25 Min-Hong Zhang, Kĺre Reknes Effect of Modified Lignosulphonate Superplasticizer on Workability Retention and Initial Setting of Cement Pastes l25.pdf
Main vol 1 247 26 J M Khatib, O Kayali, S Kenai, M N Haque Effect of Curing Temperature on Relative Strength of Metakaolin Concrete l26.pdf
Main vol 1 255 27 İlker Bekir Topçu , Turhan Bilir , Hakan Kuşan Life Cycle Assessment of Concrete Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference Systems l27.pdf
Main vol 1 265 28 Ayrton V. Costa, Adriana G. Gumieri Use of Sinter-Feed Tailings as Aggregate in the Production of Concrete Paving Elements l28.pdf
Main vol 1 277 29 J.M. Ortega, I. Sánchez, M.A. Climent Influence of Environmental Conditions on Durability of Slag Cement Mortars l29.pdf
Main vol 1 289 30 Mario Collepardi,Silvia Collepardi,Daniele Ongaro,Alessandro Quadrio Curzio,Mauro Sammartino CONCRETE WITH BOTTOM ASH FROM MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTES INCINERATORS l30.pdf
Main vol 1 299 31  I. S. Pinheiro, L. C. Montenegro,   A. G. Gumieri Pozzolanic Activity of Recycled Red Ceramic Bricks l31.pdf
Main vol 1 309 32 Vlastimil Bílek Development of Alkali-Activated Concrete l32.pdf
Containing Recycled Wash Water
Main vol 1 319 33 J M Khatib, S Kenai, J S Zhang, S Firat, P H Harris Effect of Sample Location and Curing on Pore Volume and Threshold Diameter of Cement Paste with and without Slag l33.pdf
Main vol 1 329 34 Jae Jin Choi,Doo Sun Choi Experimental Study on the Time-dependent Property of Chloride Diffusivity l34.pdf
Main vol 1 341 35 Cecilia Bartuli , Ranieri Cigna, Osvaldo Fumei, Teodoro Valente Critical Examination of European Standard EN 1504 for Products and Systems for Concrete Protection and Repair l35.pdf
Main vol 1 349 36 Lydia Kiroff and Harry Roedel Sustainable Construction Technologies: l36.pdf
Earth Buildings in New Zealand
Main vol 1 361 37 Koichi Kobayashi, Hoshito Kurachi, and Keitetsu Rokugo Experimental Study on Corrosion Resistance of l37.pdf
Strain Hardening Cement-based Composites
Main vol 1 371 38 Faiz A. M. Mirza Mohammed A. Saif The Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Incorporating Silica Fume l38.pdf
Main vol 1 383 39 Nguyen Van Tuan, Guang Ye, Klass van Breugel and Zhanqi Guo Apparent activation energy of cement blended with Rice husk ash l39.pdf
Main vol 1 393 40 Zainab Z. Ismail, Enas A. Al-Hashmi  Validation of Using Mixed Iron and Plastic Wastes in Concrete l40.pdf
Main vol 1 405 41 Šyc Michal, Keppert Martin, Pohořelý Michael, Novák Petr, Punčochář Miroslav, Fišerová Eva, Pekárek Vladimír Fly Ash Treatment Technology in Modern Waste Incineration Plant l41.pdf
Main vol 1 413 42 Satoru YAMAMOTO, Kenkichi TASHIRO, Yoshiko HOSODA, Kouji ISHII, Hiroshi SEKI Experimental Consideration on Criteria for Cathodic Protection of RC Members under High Moisture Conditions  l42.pdf
Main vol 1 429 43 Fernanda Andreola, Luisa Barbieri, Isabella Lancellotti End of Life-Materials: WEEE Glass Recovery l43.pdf
in Construction Sector
Main vol 1 437 44 Obada Kayali, Jamal M. Khatib and M. Sharfuddin Ahmed Industrial By-Products for Sustainable Concrete Structures l44.pdf
Main vol 1 447 45 John T. Kevern, Kejin Wang Investigation into Corn Ash as a Supplementary Cementitious Material in Concrete l45.pdf
Main vol 1 457 46 Mostafa.Khanzadi , Mohsen.Tadayon, Hamed.Sepehri  and  Mohammad.Sepehri Influence of Nano Silica Particles on Mechanical Properties  And Permeability of Concrete l46.pdf
Main vol 1 465 47 Sara SGOBBA , Giuseppe Carlo MARANO , Massimo BORSA  and Marcello MOLFETTA Use of rubber particles from recycled tires as concrete aggregate for engineering applications l47.pdf
Main vol 1 477 48 E. Zornoza, P. Garcés, M.V. Borrachero,  J. Payá Durability Properties of Mortars Partially Substituted with Spent Catalytic Cracking Catalyst l48.pdf
Main vol 1 489 49 H. Al Nageim, B. Saghafi,  S. Ferrel, P. Visulios, N.  Ghazireh Evaluation of Partial Use of Fine Limestone Dust and Steel Slag Waste Aggregates in Road Base Materials l49.pdf
Main vol 1 501 50 Abdullah Demir, Cenk Karakurt, İlker Bekir Topçu Utilization of Crushed Autoclaved Aerated Concrete as l50.pdf
Aggregate in Concrete
Main vol 1 513 51 Ion Dumitru, Tony Song, Vasile Caprar, Phillip Brooks and Justin Moss Incorporation of Recycled Glass for Durable Concrete l51.pdf
Main vol 1 523 52 Issam Srour, Ghassan Chehab, Elie Awwad and Wai Oswald  Use of Sustainable Techniques in Lebanese l52.pdf
Construction Industry
Main vol 1 535 53 Fernanda Andreola, Luisa Barbieri, Isabella Lancellotti Recovery of Glazing Ceramic Sludge in Construction Materials l53.pdf
Main vol 1 545 54 Rick Best Specifying and Sourcing Materials for a Best Practice Sustainable Education Facility l54.pdf
Main vol 1 557 55 Maria Chiara Bignozzi,Franco Sandrolini,Fernanda Andreola,Luisa Barbieri,Isabella Lancellotti Recycling Electric Arc Furnace Slag as Unconventional Component for Building Materials l55.pdf
Main vol 1 569 56 Gaytan C. Arturo, Montańo R. Homero, Uribe A. Roberto y Silva M. Antonio Classification of green concretes for sustainable solutions l56.pdf
Main vol 1 575 57 Elie Awwad, Bilal Hamad, Mounir Mabsout, and Helmi Khatib Sustainable Construction Material Using Hemp Fibers – Preliminary Study l57.pdf
Main vol 1 583 58 P. Van den Heede, N. De Belie Durability Related Functional Units for Life Cycle Assessment of High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete l58.pdf
Main vol 1 595 59 Seema Karami, Morteza Zohrabi, Peter Claisse, Essie Ganjian, Homayoon Sadeghi Pouya The Effect of Two Sources of Waste Fly Ash on Compressive Strength of Cementitious Mixes l59.pdf
Main vol 1 607 60 Sanjay Kumar and Rakesh Kumar Tailoring geopolymer properties through mechanical activation of fly ash l60.pdf
Main vol 1 615 61 Milena Marroccoli, Maria Lucia Pace, Antonio Telesca, Gian Lorenzo Valenti Synthesis of Calcium Sulfoaluminate Cements from Al2O3 Rich By-products of the Secondary Aluminium Manufacturing l61.pdf
Main vol 1 625 62 Milena Marroccoli, Fabio Montagnaro, Antonio Telesca, Gian Lorenzo Valenti Environmental Implications of the Manufacture of Calcium Sulfoaluminate-based Cements l62.pdf
Main vol 1 637 63 D. V. Reddy, Diana Arboleda, and Khaled Sobhan Use of Hybrid Rice Husk Ash/Fly Ash as Sustainable Materials for Concrete in a Marine Environment l63.pdf
Main vol 1 647 64 Alan Richardson, Kathryn Coventry Early Life Freeze/Thaw Durability of Polypropylene Fibre and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Concrete l64.pdf
Main vol 2 655 1 I. Sánchez, T.S. Albertos, J.M. Ortega, M.A. Climent Influence of environmental conditions on the durability properties of fly ash cement mortars m1.pdf
Main vol 2 667 2 Hak-Chul Shin and Zhifu Wan Interfacial Properties Between New and Old Concretes m2.pdf
Main vol 2 677 3 Francesca Tittarelli, Shiho Kawashima, Nathan Tregger, Giacomo Moriconi  and Surendra P. Shah Effect of GRP by-product addition on plastic and hardened properties of cement mortars m3.pdf
Main vol 2 689 4 Christopher James Whitman, Daniela Fernandez Holloway Improving Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort of Rural Housing in Chile Using Straw Bale Construction m4.pdf
Main vol 2 699 5 Fatih Bektas, Kejin Wang Use of Ground Clay Brick to Suppress Deterioration due to Potassium-Acetate Deicer m5.pdf
Main vol 2 707 6 Henry E. Cardenas ,Joshua Alexander, Kunal V. Kupwade-Patil, Luz Marina Calle Field Testing of Electrokinetic Nanoparticle Treatment m6.pdf
for Corrosion Mitigation in Reinforced Concrete
Main vol 2 719 7 Laura Flórez, Daniel Castro-Lacouture and Javier Irizarry Impact of Sustainability Perceptions on Optimal Material Selection in Construction Projects m7.pdf
Main vol 2 729 8 Cenk Karakurt, İlker Bekir Topçu Effect of Blended Cements with Natural Zeolite and Industrial By-Products on ASR of Concrete m8.pdf
Main vol 2 737 9 Martin Keppert, Vratislav Tydlitát, Petra Volfová, Michal Šyc, Robert Černý  Characterization of Solid Waste Materials from Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Facility m9.pdf
Main vol 2 745 10 Zbyšek Pavlík, Miloš Jerman, Martin Keppert, Milena Pavlíková, Pavel Reiterman, Robert Černý Use of Municipal Solid Waste Incineration Waste Materials as Admixtures in Concrete m10.pdf
Main vol 2 755 11 Mike Lawrence, Andrew Heath, Pete Walker Development of a Novel Binder for Mortar for m11.pdf
Unfired Clay Bricks
Main vol 2 767 12 Michele Valente, Michele Vigneri, Marco Bressan, Alessandro Pasqualini, Sebastiano Bianchini, Felice M. Liberatore Use of fly ash in concrete: efficiency factors of the supplementary cementing materials m12.pdf
Main vol 2 777 13 Behrooz Saghafi, Hassan Al Nageim, Shaun Friel, Nizar Ghazireh New Activator used in Fly Ash Bound Mixtures (FABM) and High Dust Base and Subbase Materials m13.pdf
Main vol 2 789 14 Vernon R. Schaefer, John T. Kevern and Kejin Wang Pervious Concrete Overlay Design, Construction and Performance m14.pdf
Main vol 2 801 15 Shohei Seiki, Tatsuya Nukushina, Seddik Meddah, Ryoichi Sato Effectiveness of Porous Ceramic waste as an internal curing material for Fly Ash concrete m15.pdf
Main vol 2 813 16 Mia Wimala Soejoso,  Kenji Kawai,  Akihiro Fujiki,  Yusuke Aoki,  Yuta Iwatani Study of Parameters Contributing to the Environmental Impact in Precast Concrete Production m16.pdf
Main vol 2 821 17 František Vodák, Vítězslav Vydra, Karel Trtík, Olga Kapičková Effect of gamma irradiation on hardened cement paste m17.pdf
Main vol 2 833 18 Madani Bederina, Michele Quéneudec Characterization of River-Dune Sand Concrete Lightened by Addition of Wood Shavings m18.pdf
Main vol 2 843 19 Katherine Kuder, Jack Tinnea, Ryan Tinnea, Samuel Bellomio, Michael Fanoni, David Johnson, Jessica Towns High Electrical Resistivity Concrete Mixture Design Using Supplementary Cementitious Materials m19.pdf
Main vol 2 853 20 Bella Nabil, Assroun Aissa, Bella Ilham Aguida Effectiveness of Different Solutions to Reduce Plastic Shrinkage in Hot Climate Concreting m20.pdf
Main vol 2 865 21 Kaname Saitoh, Hiromi Fujiwara, Masanori Maruoka, and Erika Ogura Environmentally Friendly Concrete Using m21.pdf
Compound Materials
Main vol 2 877 22 BELLA Ilham Aguida, HAMOUINE Abd El Madjid, and BELLA Nabil Influence of The Temperature On Compressive Strength of Crushed Limestone Sand Concrete m22.pdf
Main vol 2 885 23 Andrew Alcorn, Michael Donn Life cycle potential of strawbale and timber for carbon sequestration in house construction m23.pdf
Main vol 2 897 24 Hans-Joachim Feuerborn Coal Combustion Products and Sustainability - Present and future situation in Europe m24.pdf
Main vol 2 909 25 Ahmed Hadj-Sadok, Said Kenai, Luc Courard, J.M. Khatib Transport Properties of Mortars and Concretes Modified m25.pdf
with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag
Main vol 2 921 26 S. O. Nwaubani ,A. Katsanos,M. Mulheron Sodium Acetate: An Overlooked, “Green” m26.pdf
De-icing Solution for Highways
Main vol 2 931 27 J. M.  Khatib, S. Baig,  A Bougara, C Booth Foundry Sand Utilisation in Concrete Production m27.pdf
Main vol 2 939 28 M.  Khatib, T U Mohammed, J. S. Zhang, Hidenori Hamada New Generation Water-Reducing Admixture for Concrete  m28.pdf
Main vol 2 949 29 Mohammed Tarek Uddin, Mohammad Fateh Azam Khan, M R Kabir, M A Awal, Asheque Al Mahbub, Hidenori Hamada, J. M. Khatib Recycling of Concrete Made with Brick Aggregate m29.pdf
Main vol 2 961 30 Muigai, R. ; Alexander, M.G  Contribution of the Durability Index Approach towards Sustainable Concrete Structures m30.pdf
Main vol 2 969 31 S. O. Nwaubani, A.Katsanos, M. Mulheron Corrosion Resistance of Reinforced Concrete Exposed to Calcium-Magnesium Acetate De-Icing Salt m31.pdf
Main vol 2 979 32 Sanjaya Senadheera Material Systems for Sustainable Civil Engineering Design: m32.pdf
A Course Syllabus, Delivery and Student Feedback
Main vol 2 991 33 Y. WANG, Z. Q. GUO, K. van BREUGEL Micronized Sands as Cement Replacement m33.pdf
Main vol 2 1001 34 Morteza Zohrabi and Seema Karami Applicability of Alternative Aggregates in Asphalt Pavements and Their Performance Requirements m34.pdf
Main vol 2 1013 35 Justin Moss, Rebecca Monckton & Con Lambous Australia’s Progress Toward Sustainable Construction Practices – Examples from a Roads Agency m35.pdf
Main vol 2 1029 36 Harry P. Moats “Concrete: Timeless, Sustainable and Beautiful” m36.pdf
Main vol 2 1041 37 Yuta Iwatani, Kenji Kawai, Yusuke Aoki , Akihiro Fujiki  Optimum Road Pavement from the Viewpoint of CO2 Emission Reduction  m37.pdf
Main vol 2 1049 38 Bruce W. Ramme,  Tarun R. Naik,   Rudolph N. Kraus AN INVESTIGATION OF CO2 SEQUESTRATION THROUGH MINERALIZATION m38.pdf
Main vol 2 1061 39 Eckart R. Bühler Recovered Mineral Component [ Silica Fume ] in the U.S. m39.pdf
Main vol 2 1073 40 Yixin Shao, Sean Monkman and Sam Wang Market analysis of CO2 sequestration in concrete building products m40.pdf
Main vol 2 1083 41 Hamed Niroumand Performance of Shred Tires & Wood Particles in Earth Bricks m41.pdf
Main vol 2 1093 42 D. Bondar, C. J. Lynsdale, Neil B. Milestone, N. Hassani, ENGINEERING PROPERTIES OF ALKALI ACTIVATED NATURAL POZZOLAN CONCRETE m42.pdf
A. A. Ramezanianpour
Main vol 2 1103 43 Jiří Bydžovský, Šárka Keprdová Cement-chip boards with technical hemp and their use in building industry m43.pdf
Main vol 2 1115 44 Young Hoon Kim, Paolo Gardoni, and David Trejo Time-Variant Capacity and Reliability of GFRP-Reinforced Bridge Decks m44.pdf
Main vol 2 1127 45 Osmani M. and Pappu A. Utilisation of Glass Reinforced Plastic Waste in Concrete and Cement Composites m45.pdf
Main vol 2 1139 46 B. Liguori, F. Iucolano, C. Colella Hydraulicity and mechanical properties of mortars manufactured with a commercial zeolite m46.pdf
Main vol 2 1147 47 A. Ganjidoost, M. Bakhsheshi Akhlaghi, M. Rahimi, H. G. Mosavy Sustainability and Durability of Concrete Structures m47.pdf
in Corrosive Environmental Conditions
Main vol 2 1159 48 M Luz Garcia, Joana Sousa-Coutinho Grits as a partial cement replacement for concrete m48.pdf
Main vol 2 1171 49 Nader Ghafoori and Mohammad Islam Lithium Salt for Reactive Aggregates in Concrete m49.pdf
Main vol 2 1183 50 Dunja Mikulic, Bojan Milovanovic, Damir Kolic, Ana Sokacic, Tomislav Simunovic Environmental Impact of Improving Energy Efficiency of Buildings m50.pdf
Main vol 2 1193 51 T. Yamada, Y. Sato, H. Okada, T. Otani, K. Ueda, Y. Akiyoshi Development of Production Method for Carbon-free Fly Ash (CfFA) and Properties of Concrete Containing CfFA m51.pdf
Main vol 2 1207 52 Ernesto Antonini1,Valeria Giurdanella,Alessandra Zanelli Reversible Design: Strategies to Allow Building Deconstruction and a Second Life for Salvaged Materials m52.pdf
Main vol 2 1219 53 Gholamreza Fathifazl, A. Ghani Razaqpur, Simon Foo, O. Burkan Isgor, Abdelgadir Abbas, Benoit Fournier Evaluation of Flexural and Shear Performance of Beams Made with Recycled Concrete Aggregates m53.pdf
Main vol 2 1231 54  Siska L.A. Valcke, Rob B. Polder, Timo G. Nijland, Greet A. Leegwater, Jeanette H.M. Visser, Agnieszka A.J. Bigaj-van Vliet High Filler Concrete using Pulverished Fly Ash: Chloride Penetration and Microstructure m54.pdf
Main vol 2 1243 55 Gintautas Skripkiūnas, Audrius Grinys, Eugenijus Janavičius Porosity and durability of rubberized concrete m55.pdf
Main vol 2 1255 56 Charles A. Weiss, Philip G. Malone, Michael L. Koenigstein Vitreous–Ceramic Bonding Enamel: The Key to Strengthening Reinforced Concrete by CO2 Sequestration m56.pdf
Main vol 2 1263 57 Katherine Kuder, Kasandra Wells, Rob Shogren Low Portland Cement Content SCC Mixtures for Use in Structural Applications m57.pdf
Main vol 2 1271 58 John Zachar and Tarun R. Naik More Sustainable and Economical Concrete Using Fly Ash, Used Foundry Sand, and Other Residuals m58.pdf
Main vol 2 1281 59 De Schutter, G., Feys, D., Verhoeven, R. Ecological Profit for a Concrete Pipe Factory due to m59.pdf
Self-Compacting Concrete Technology
Main vol 2 1289 60 Larry Sutter, Karl Peterson, Jacob Vermillion Effect of Entrained Air-Void and Supplementary Cementitious Materials on Durability of Concrete m60.pdf
Main vol 2 1299 61 Kyu-Seok Yeon, Yoon-Sang Choi, Sang-Hoon Hyun Properties of Recycled Polymer Concrete Using Crushed Polymer Concrete as an Aggregate m61.pdf
Main vol 3 1309 1 V.R. Falikman, A.Ya. Vainer New Organic Expanding Admixtures k1.pdf
for Reducing Shrinkage in Concrete
Main vol 3 1321 2 Tomáš Melichar, Jiří Bydžovský Facing Tiling and Paving on the Basis of Sintered Glass with Alternative Silicate Fillers k2.pdf
Main vol 3 1331 3 MN Soutsos, KK Tang, and SG Millard The Use of Recycled Demolition Aggregate in Precast Concrete Products k3.pdf
Main vol 3 1343 4 Wataru Itoh, Kei-ichi Imamoto , Akio Tanaka Internal Curing Effect of Artificial Lightweight Aggregate on Green Concrete k4.pdf
Main vol 3 1355 5 Toshiki AYANO,Hisahiro MATSUNAGA,Takashi FUJII, Kenji SAKATA Resistance of concrete with granulated blast furnace slag sand to sulphuric acid attack k5.pdf
Main vol 3 1365 6 Alessandra Carrera, James Grenfell, Andrew Dawson, John Proctor On-site recycling of trench arisings for pavement reinstatement k6.pdf
Main vol 3 1377 7 Valeria Corinaldesi, Alida Mazzoli and Giacomo Moriconi Mechanical And Physical Properties Of Cement Mortars Containing Plastic Waste Particles k7.pdf
Main vol 3 1385 8 Jiri Zach, Jitka Hroudova Utilization of technical hemp for thermal insulating materials production k8.pdf
Main vol 3 1395 9 Edward AJ Hirst, Peter Walker, Kevin A Paine, Tim Yates Characterisation of low density hemp-lime composite building materials under compression loading k9.pdf
Main vol 3 1407 10 Nicoletta Zeminian, Joana Roncero, Matteo Pagot and Roberta Magarotto Early Strength Enhancement for Sustainability in the Precast Concrete Industry k10.pdf
Main vol 3 1419 11 Pietro Bocca and Alessandro Grazzini Durability evaluation of strengthening mortars applied to historical masonry structures k11.pdf
Main vol 3 1431 12 F. Cangialosi, G. Intini, L. Liberti, M. Notarnicola, F. Di Canio Activated coal fly ash as improved mineral addition in cement and concrete k12.pdf
Main vol 3 1441 13 Majid Ali Coconut Fibre – A Versatile Material and its Applications in Engineering k13.pdf
Main vol 3 1455 14 N. Yazdani, M. Filsaime, T. Manzur Effect of Steam Curing on Shrinkage of k14.pdf
Concrete Piles with Silica Fume
Main vol 3 1467 15 Brian H. Green,  Charles A. Weiss Jr.,  Annette Stumpf Sustainable Design and Development in the US Army Corps of Engineers k15.pdf
Main vol 3 1475 16 Kwasi Osafo Ampadu, Henry Adjei, Belinda Osafo-Ampadu, Nkansah Bawuah Investigation of Use of Rice Husk Ash-Calcined Clay Blend as a Pozzollana k16.pdf
Main vol 3 1483 17 Dubravka Bjegovic, Nina Stirmer, Marijana Serdar Ecological aspects of concrete production k17.pdf
Main vol 3 1493 18 N A Lloyd and B V Rangan Geopolymer Concrete with Fly Ash k18.pdf
Main vol 3 1505 19 Nadir Ayrilmisa and Songklod Jarusombutib Flat-Pressed Wood Plastic Composite as an Alternative to Conventional Wood-Based Panels k19.pdf
Main vol 3 1517 20 Turker Dundar,Nadir Ayrilmis,Umit Buyuksari Utilization of Waste Pine Cone in Manufacture of  Wood Plastic Composite k20.pdf
Main vol 3 1529 21 Aslı Ünsal Sağlık, Sinan Turhan Erdoğan Chemical and Thermal Activation of Perlite-Containing Cementitious Mixtures k21.pdf
Main vol 3 1541 22 Filip Khestl Fast growing renewable materials in building industry k22.pdf
Main vol 3 1557 24 Qingtao Li, Zhuguo Li Repair of Fire-Damaged Concrete: Improvement of Carbonation Resistance k24.pdf
Main vol 3 1569 25 Claudio de Souza Kazmierczak, Daiana Arnold Metz and Douglas Gabriel Fröhlich Influence of Water Absorption in the Performance of Mortars Made with Manufactured Fine Aggregates k25.pdf
Main vol 3 1581 26 M. Saidani, S. George, F. Dan-Jumbo Material and Structural Behaviour of a Novel Material k26.pdf
Main vol 3 1587 27 Kris Broos, Katleen De Brouwere, Mieke Quaghebeur, Peter Nielsen, Nico Bleux, Jurgen Buekers, and Rudi Torfs Potential health impacts of the use of secondary and recycled aggregates in building materials k27.pdf
Main vol 3 1595 28 Eshmaiel Ganjian, Morteza Khorrami and Tayebeh Parhizkar Production of Cement Composite Board using cellulose fibres k28.pdf
Main vol 3 1607 29 Habert, G., D’Espinose de Lacaillerie, J.B., Lanta, E., Roussel, N. Environmental evaluation for cement substitution with geopolymers k29.pdf
Main vol 3 1617 30 Habert, G., Castillo, E., Morel, J.C. Sustainable indicators for resources and energy in building construction k30.pdf
Main vol 3 1631 31 Erika Holt, Hannele Kuosa, Markku Leivo, Fahim Al-Neshawy, Jukka Piironen, Esko Sistonen Accounting for Coupled Deterioration Mechanisms for Durable Concrete Containing Mineral By-Products k31.pdf
Main vol 3 1643 32 Kazuyuki Miura, Koji Takasu, and Yasunori Matsufuji A Basic Study on Removing Unburnt Carbon from Fly Ash by Ore Flotation to Use as Concrete Admixture k32.pdf
Main vol 3 1651 33 Maki Mizuta, Takayuki Kojima, Satoshi Yamamura,  Kazuhiro Kuzume Quantitative Evaluation of Multiplier Effect of Concrete Expansion and Reinforcement k33.pdf
Main vol 3 1661 34 Homayoon Sadeghi Pouya, Essie Ganjian, Tayebeh Parhizkar, Arash Zamani Properties and Application of Polymer Modified and Sulphur Repair Mortars in Aggressive Environments k34.pdf
Main vol 3 1673 35 L. Raki, G. Chan, O. Maadani, G. Pye, S. Tai, K. Trischuk and K. Babichuk Properties of Concrete Containing a New k35.pdf
Cement-Grade Metakaolin
Main vol 3 1685 36 Valeria Corinaldesi, Giacomo Moriconi, Tarun R. Naik Carbon Dioxide Uptake by Recycled-Aggregate No-Fines Concrete k36.pdf
Main vol 3 1695 37 John P. Fort, I. N. A. Thanay, S. Zoorob, M. Waliur Rahman Investigating the Physical Stability of Novel Sustainable Building Blocks k37.pdf
Main vol 3 1707 38 Dellé Odeleye, Brian Menzies Sustainable Materials: Issues in Implementing Resource Efficiency – UK Policy and Planning Perspective k38.pdf
Main vol 3 1719 39 Christopher R. Shearer, Nortey Yeboah, Kimberly E. Kurtis, Susan E. Burns  Investigation of Biomass Co-fired Fly Ash Properties: Characterization and Concrete Durability Performance k39.pdf
Main vol 3 1731 40 Marcia Silva and Tarun R. Naik Sustainable Use of Resources – Recycling of Sewage Treatment Plant Water in Concrete k40.pdf
Main vol 3 1741 41 Valeria Corinaldesi, and Saveria Monosi The Influence of Paper Mill Ash Addition on the Performances  of Self-Compacting Concrete k41.pdf
Main vol 3 1749 42 Mohammad Shekarchi, Farnam Ghassemzadeh, Mahdi Valipour, Siavash sajedi, Iman Harsini Study on Gas Permeability of HPC Containing Binary and Ternary Pozzolanic Materials and Polypropylene Fibers k42.pdf
Main vol 3 1759 43 K. J. Owens, Y. Bai, D. Cleland, P.A.M. Basheer, J. kwasny, M. Sonebi, S. Taylor, A. Gupta Activation of High Volume Fly Ash Pastes using Chemical Activators k43.pdf
Main vol 3 1771 44 Mohammad Alizadeh Kharaazi and Eshmaiel Ganjian  Use of Iranian industrial waste for cement replacement in low strength concrete and CLSM k44.pdf
Main vol 3 1781 45 Giacomo Moriconi Sustainability-driven innovation in the society of the future k45.pdf
Main vol 3 1789 46 Ferran Gomŕ, M.Ş Teresa Pinheiro-Alves & Mónica Vicente A New Procedure Covering the Diagnosis of Hardened Structural Concrete in Service k46.pdf
Main vol 3 1797 47 Francesco Colangelo, Roberta Vaccaro and Raffaele Cioffi Life Cycle Assessment of Sustainable Concrete made with Recycled Aggregates k47.pdf
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Main vol 3 1819 49 Rudolph N. Kraus, Tarun R. Naik, and Bruce W. Ramme High Durability Concrete Using High-Carbon Fly Ash and Pulp Mill Residuals k49.pdf
Main vol 3 1831 50 Koji Takasu, Yasunori Matsufuji Strength Property of The Concrete Using High Volume Fly Ash as a Part of The Fine Aggregate Under 40 ℃ Air Curing k50.pdf
Main vol 3 1843 51 Marijan Skazlić Development and Application of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete k51.pdf
Main vol 3 1851 52 Tarun R Naik and Rakesh Kumar Carbonation: An Efficient and Economical Process for CO2 Sequestration k52.pdf
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Main vol 3 1887 55 Tarun R. Naik, Rakesh Kumar, and Rudolph N. Kraus CO2 Sequestration in Non-air Entrained Concrete k55.pdf
Main vol 3 1899 56 Rakesh Kumar and Tarun R Naik Sustainable Concrete with Industrial and Post-Consumer By-Products k56.pdf
Main vol 3 1911 57 Juan Lizarazo-Marriaga, Peter Claisse, Eshmaiel Ganjian Applicability of Traditional Electrical Techniques on Chloride Resistance Assessment of GGBS Concrete k57.pdf