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Coventry University and  The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Centre for By-products Utilization
Second International Conference on  Sustainable Construction Materials and Technologies
June 28 - June 30, 2010,   Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy.     
Web only proceedings
Web   1 S. Abdelmoumen, E. Bellenger, M. Quéneudec-t’Kint Influence of the free exchange in early-age on the delayed deformations under constant load of eco-concrete formulated with w1.pdf
rubber waste
Web   2 V. Baroghel-Bouny, K. Kinomura, M. Thiery, S. Moscardelli Easy assessment of durability indicators for concretes with w2.pdf
high volume of SCMs
Web   3 Luigi Coppola, Sergio Lorenzi, Alessandra Buoso Electric Arc Furnace Granulated Slag as a Partial Replacement of Natural Aggregates for Concrete Production w3.pdf
Web   5 L Wright, J M Khatib, P S Mangat The Resistance to Magnesium sulphate of Mortars Modified with GGBS and Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) Waste w5.pdf
Web   6 D. S. Kosson, A. Garrabrants, F. Sanchez, P. Kariher, S. Thorneloe, H.A. van der Sloot, and G. Helms Use of a Leaching Assessment Framework for Evaluation of the Impacts of Coal Type and Facility Configuration on Beneficial Use Scenarios for Coal Combustion Residues w6l.pdf
Web   7 Saveria Monosi, Francesca Tittarelli, Maria Letizia Ruello Effect of Used Foundry Sands addition on mechanical performance of cement mortars w7.pdf
Web   8 I. PAPAYIANNI High Strength Concrete With High Volume Of Calcareous Fly Ash w8.pdf
Web   9 I. Papayianni, E. Anastasiou, M. Papachristoforou High Performance Concrete For Pavements With Steel Slag Aggregate w9.pdf
Web   10 Nadeem Anwer Qureshi, Tayyeb Akram, S. Muhammad Jamil  Performance evaluation of Hot In-Place Recycling Experience in Pakistan w10.pdf
Web   11 Ali Sadrmomtazi,  Hasan Barzegar  Assessment of the Effect of Nano-SiO2 on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash w11.pdf
Web   12 Aleksander Samarin Towards Better Understanding of the Amorphous  Silica – Alkali Reactions and the Means of Preventing Glass Aggregate Expansion in Concrete w12.pdf
Web   13 H.A. van der Sloot , J.C.L. Meeussen , D.S. Kosson, O. Hjelmar  Use of Chemical Speciation and Reactive Transport to w13.pdf
Predict Leaching from Coal Combustion Residues
Web   14 A.Zhiv,  B. Isakulov,  Y. Zhiv., Strelnikova A.S. Light concrete on the base of industrial and agricultural waste w14.pdf
Web   15 Peter Claisse How to research your new ingredient for concrete and publish your findings. W15.pdf