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Two projects carried out in 2011.    Dr E Ganjian and Professor P Claisse

1.  Mix design

This project was a major infrastructure development in the Middle East with a 120 year design life.

We prepared a detailed report on the various possible failure mechanisms for the structure and recommended mix designs and specific protection measures for the concrete.  One of our major concerns was capillary rise of saline groundwater into the structure and we detailed membrane systems and dense concrete to inhibit it.  We also proposed testing regimes to ensure that the concrete used on site met the durability requirements.

2.  Mass pour

This project is a large mass pour with very exacting requirements for shrinkage and stiffness.

We are providing extensive advice to the client on the anticipated effects of the heat of hydration of the concrete and associated thermal effects. We have created a computer model specifically written to simulate the effect of the heat and the development of the maturity at different positions in the pour.  We have also measured the thermal expansion coefficient and the specific heat of samples of the concrete and shall measure the fatigue performance.