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These are hydraulic jacks or “actuators” which we use to apply loads when we are not working with one of the main test machines.  We use load cells with them to measure the loads.





We have the following actuators:

7 no. 10 Tonne

1 no. 20 Tonne

8 no. 30 Tonne

1 no. 100 Tonne (below)






The actuators work with hydraulic fluid which must be pumped into them.  We have 5 hand pumps and one electric with a manifold on it to load 5 actuators at the same time (below).









We have the following load cells to measure compression:

1 no. 100 Tonne

2 no. 30 Tonne

1 no. 25 Tonne

4 no. 10 Tonne

3 no. 5 Tonne

2 no. 3 Tonne

1 no. 2 Tonne

2 no. 1 Tonne




We also have one 50 Tonne, one 5 and one 0.5 Tonne cells to measure in tension.  These have hooks on the ends.






We have three load cell interfaces which display the load but generally we read load cells directly with the interface racks and computers.