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Hydraulic test machines





We have two trolleys of the type shown which are used for most of our structural testing.  They can control the loading cycles (by connecting into the hydraulic circuits) and also record the results from the hydraulic machines.   They have their own pressure systems which provide far more accurate loading than the original systems on the machines and can also record external signals from displacement transducers and strain gauges (as shown).






















The Amsler is our most substantial machine.  It is for compression tests up to 500 tonnes  on samples up to 6m tall. It can be computer controlled.



This is our “cube crushing” machine with a 200 tonne capacity for compression testing.  It can be computer controlled and when second year students use it to test concrete they analyse the test results in spreadsheets.




These two Avery Denison machines have a capacity of 300 tonnes for compression (right) and 15 tonnes in bending/compression (left).  They are computer controlled and are used in second year labs for non-destructive tests.



This Denison machine has a capacity of 50 tonnes and is used for compression/bending and tension.  In a second year lab it is used to test a reinforced concrete beam in bending.





This is an older machine which we are keeping because it has a high capacity (300 tonnes) and can be used for pore fluid expression from concrete samples.