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This page shows our apparatus for concrete mixing and casting for tests.




This is our largest mixer with a maximum capacity of 30 50 litres depending on the mix.

Second year students design a concrete mix and make it in this mixer.




These are our 2 smaller concrete mixers with capacities of approximately 15 litres and 5 litres.




We also have a number of high-shear mixes for mortar and paste (grouts).


We have a ball mill for grinding cement and cement clinker and cement replacement materials.




These pictures shows some of our mini-beam moulds and our rack of cube and cylinder moulds.

In total we have:

12 gangs of 3 no. 50mm cube moulds

51 no. 100mm cube moulds

17 no. 150mm cube moulds

12 no. 500mm by 100mm by 100mm mini-beam moulds

15 no. 100mm diameter cylinder moulds.

Plus a large number of plastic moulds (in the left hand picture) which we now generally use in place of the metal ones.




This balance has a capacity of 250 kg. In the casting area we also have a large 25kg mechanical balance and a 30kg electronic one.




This is our vibrating table on which we compact most of our samples.





We have two electric poker-vibrators.





The curing room has several tanks which we can control to temperature.




We have a number of laboratory ovens for drying samples.




This saw is used for cutting the ends from cores etc.