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Where to go

If you have a reasonable first degree and are prepared to pay your own fees and living expenses you can normally start a research degree with me (or most other universities) at any time.  If you want your fees paid and a salary/bursary you must find a funded research project.


Funded research projects

The best place to find funded research posts is the web site.  If I have any funded posts (including studentships) to offer I always put them on the site.


Research students who pay their own fees

The fees for a self-funded research student from the EU will be about £5000 which is matched by about £4000 from the funding council.  An overseas student will pay the full £9000. (note that these values are approximate – for current fee levels please contact the University). Note that an RS is a full time student and, as such, is entitled to work to earn money without a work permit at a local employer for 20 hours a week in term and full time in vacation.


Visiting Scholars

These are students who spend a year doing research at the university but do not aim for any qualification.  I charge a fee of £1000.


Research Integrity

My first priority in research is to try to follow the EPSRC guide on "Good Practice in Scientific and Engineering Research”.  This covers a lot of subjects such as the central role of data - i.e. the importance of proper recording of lab results.  All my researchers must read this carefully and, for example, must keep a good lab book.   The version shown here was downloaded a few years ago