Coventry University is not in the Russel Group of top research-led Universities, so why come to me as a researcher or a client?


First note that the RAE does NOT measure how well we serve our research clients and it does NOT assess the experience of researchers or the supervision of research students.  These are the key points that you should consider when deciding which university to go to, and we claim an excellent record in both.  This claim is based on the confidence shown by industry in funding my work and the excellent feedback I get from my students.


Coventry University Civil Engineering Group has been established for over 45 years, initially as a leading Polytechnic and, for the last 25 years, as a University.  We retain our industrially oriented culture and this is the basis of our expanding research portfolio.  Within the group there are specialists in structures and other areas and I collaborate on many research projects.


Coventry University is one of the biggest in the UK but it is all located on a single compact campus.  This enables me to work closely with colleagues in other disciplines, such as chemistry.


There are relatively few research students in the building and excellent research facilities.  Thus I can offer students good access both to the labs and to technical support.


While it has an attractive city centre Coventry has low housing and living costs.  This enables me to offer competitive contract costs to my clients and low living costs to my students.