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Full Title:  Use of Recycled Plasterboard in Road Construction.

Academic staff: Dr P A Claisse

Academic/Research Staff:  Eshmaiel Ganjian, Homayoon Pouya

Funding to CU:  £100,000 over 16 months from the Waste Resources Action Programme


Full copy of the final report


The aim of the project was to use waste plasterboard in low-medium strength concrete mixes for foundations for minor roads and car parks.


low CO2 cement


As part of this project we had over 100 tonnes of a “cement” made that contained no Portland cement.  It contained a number of secondary minerals including waste plasterboard.  It was a grey powder that looked like cement.  It set like cement but gave a lower strength.




This shows the new “cement” being used in a dry lean mix for a car park.  Note that these mixes contain NO primary products such as Portland cement or quarried aggregate.


road base (no aggregate)


This shows a novel alternative for higher strength road construction.  This semi-dry mix contains no aggregate.


road base (no aggregate) 2


When wetted (below) the mix makes a promising looking flooring grout.


flowing grout