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Thesis Archive


This page contains links to the full text of various PhD theses



Theses presented at other universities:


Peter Claisse  Properties and performance of high strength silica fume concrete (large scanned file).


Esmaiel Ganjian  The relationship between porosity and thermal conductivity of concrete (large scanned file)



Theses presented at Coventry University for which I have been Director of Studies:


Juan Lizarazo Marriaga  Transport properties and multi-species modelling of slag based concretes


Bruno Masse  Analysis of Structural Timber Joints Made With Glass Fibre/Epoxy


Seema Karami  Using By-product Industrial Materials to Replace All Cement in Construction Products


Chaitanya Calla   Two Layered Ballast System For Improved Performance Of Railway Track


John Karadelis   Advanced Computational Methods and Solutions in Civil and Structural Engineering (PhD by publication)


Asma Shebani    Durability of Incinerator Fly Ash Concrete