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Test Procedures for Cementitious Samples in the Coventry University JL Laboratories.



Wet mix testing


Slump, Compaction Index, flow table, VB test, ICAR Rheometer, grout viscometer, flow trough.

For self-compacting concrete:Slump flow, L box, V funnel.



Strength Tests with Hydraulic machines and Mechanical test machines


Cubes (50mm and 100mm), cylinder splitting, beam bending, elastic modulus and Poissonís ratio with strain gauges, core cutting and testing.



Transport measurements


High Pressure permeability, diffusion cells, Rapid Chloride Permeability, water absorption



Corrosion tests


Rest potential, linear polarisation, concrete resistivity.



Exposure tests


Freeze-thaw, sulphate attack, expansion



Chemical Testing


Pore fluid expression



Non-Destructive tests


Ultrasound, Rebound hammers, pull-out tests, ISAT, Figg



Porosity test


Helium pyconometer



Tests available in other departments


ICP chemical analysis, Scanning electron microscope, Particle sizer, Thermogravimetric balance